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Am I Right





The Metro


'Omielan is a refreshing comic voice, doing something that no-one else is doing...there is no doubt that she will become the megastar she already acts like one day very soon. '

The Independent


'My Favourite is Luisa Omielan whose show should be compulsery viewing'

Kate Copstick - The Scotsman


‘She’s so right – and inspirational, and hilarious, and sassy.’



‘Omielan strikes a wonderful balance between tub-thumping for women’s rights and reinforcing her own ridiculousness.’



‘We need more comics like Omielan: bold as brass, ambitious, proud of her gorgeous, wobbly body, and, above all else, wonderfully funny.’

The Skinny


Riotous, raucous, dirty and intelligent.’

Beyond The Joke



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The follow up to WWBD?!